Skin and makeup aesthetic programs in Phoenix

It was a regular visit to my beauty salon. I came early and now I waited my master in a waiting room. There are all known things on walls, floor and end tables. All were known, exept one new certificate. (I’m always interested in new things, especially if it’s related to a career or education). Let’s see what is this.
There is a new certificate for completing professional skin training Phoenix in The Skin and Makeup Institute in Phoenix, Arizona.

“Well, well,well”, – I was thinking while typing “skin and makeup institute Phoenix review” in Google search, – “Let’s see what Google knows about”:
– Official site;
– Tripple B – the highest rating;
– Groupon – ok;
– Yelp – the highest rating too;
– Indeed – ops, somebody try to find specialists with their cetficates – not bad at all;
– some wedding site with credit to the institute
– youtube video – not bad.

Makeup style training

Ok, let’s go to the official site. Classes, services.
Oh, I even can make an appointment as a client. Let’s see what they have for clients: masks, skin treatments and renewal, exfoloation and makeup, also body spa and treatments. I’m impressed. Very reasonable and competive prices for service and packages. Well. I need to try them the next time.

What is the next on site? How do they teach?
Programs: 600-hours program, professional makeup, medical office assistants and Spa/wellness programs. Looks like if I enroll I can continue my education there and get more then just one course. Interesting.
600-hours training the first one, its’ basic and it’s staffed with practical skills for any beauty salon.
There is classes list includes: Natural Detoxification, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Ayurvedic, Facials, Body, Sun Damaged and mature Skin Treatments, Waxing, Skin Analysis and Makeup, how to do a bussiness and even Arizona Law. Also Spa Certification. Pretty impressive.

The most honest reviews abour any school are from it’s studends. What had they told about?

“I am so impressed with the level of professionalism and level of education that I received during my time at the school. I wish I could have stayed longer. I have taken continuing education courses before and the instructors here are the best ones I have encountered. I am ready for my state boards and to be successful in my career.” Anna Niemyjski wrote on the site

“I started at SMI in January 2014, it had been 30 years since I had been in school. Needless to say I was terrified. The staff at SMI are friendly, encouraging, and very knowledgeable! They were patient, explained things very well. I never felt lost, I always felt that my best interests were looked after. I would recommend SMI to anyone who is eager to learn Aesthetics because they will get THE BEST-top of the line education! I love my new career and only have SMI to thank!!” from Beverly Purtha

“I truly enjoyed my time at the Skin & Makeup Institute. The instructors are very knowledgeable and willing to take the time to make sure all students understand theory and practical Aesthetics. Classes were the perfect size, allowing an abundance of hands on training. The experience and learning went farther above my expectations. I highly recommend the Skin and Makeup Institute to any person interested in learning Aesthetics.” Whitney Mosher wrote.

I can guess those girls got all necessary skills for starting their beauty careers. As I can see their courses and programs fit for women with different skills, incomes and backgrounds. Well done.

– Maybe I need to choose a career in this fast developed industry too? To be a beauty consultant is a good future opportunity. Why not?

But… my master is ready and I follow her for my collagen rejuvenating.

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