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The Shop with the largest Collection of Vintage Chanel in the U.S. 

The consignment shop, owned by founder Christina Samoylov, has exclusively sold the Parisian-based brand online for about two years. Now that its first-ever physical showroom just opened in Carlsbad, California, you can see and shop the largest collection of rare and vintage Chanel pieces in the United States in person.

Vintage Chanel collection on sale

Vintage Chanel collection on sale

One look at Designer Vault’s new digs and its ever-growing inventory (2,000+ pieces), and you’ll realize just how worthwhile that drive is. New and mint condition jewelry, bags, shoes, and accessories all bearing those infamous interlocking C’s are beautifully showcased throughout. The shop is practically a museum for Coco Chanel and Karl Lagerfeld fans, not to mention one of the only places in the States where you can see this many rare Chanel pieces in one single space.

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Would you say YES to a Karl Lagerfeld engagement ring?

Emma Spedding 31 MAY 2016 • 10:39AM


Karl Lagerfeld has been creating fantasy wedding dresses for decades, closing each Chanel Couture show with a bridal look destined to become the theme for millions of Pinterest boards.


Karl Lagerfeld engagement Ring

Karl Lagerfeld engagement Ring

Now Lagerfeld is setting the bar for proposals too, designing his first ever collection of diamond engagement rings.The designer has teamed up with Frederick Goldman to create rings designed specifically for millennials. Translation: rings made for perfectly choreographed engagement selfies on Instagram. The first AW16 collection has three ring styles with one “inspired by the curves and arches seen throughout Parisian architecture” and another featuring his signature studs.

Karl Lagerfeld engagement Ring

Karl Lagerfeld engagement Ring

CREDIT: KARL LAGERFELD”I had never done a ring for that occasion,” Lagerfeld tells Vogue. “It was kind of a challenge.” As for the age-old size debate, Lagerfeld believes that a ring shouldn’t be too ostentatious. “The rings had to express something that concerns the heart and real feelings,” he explains. “It has to be a symbol and a sign of a real wish of engagement. It has to be elegant but not bling-bling.”

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What to Eat for Beautiful, Healthy, Shiny Hair 

Feed your hair, it’s hungry! from Jen AtkinHow to get Beautiful, Healthy, Shiny Hair

This article, it’s all about promoting beautiful hair from the inside out. Throughout the years, my clients have seen such dramatic changes in their hair when they’re not only taking care of it externally, but internally. Here are my go-tos when it comes to edible supplementation for gorgeous hair.


Eat walnuts for your Healthy HairRich in Omega oils, walnuts also contain a wealth of biotin and Continue reading